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Real-life ‘Judgment Fraud’ by the UAE Administration!

A story of frightening, inhuman and deadly tortures; the blatant violation of the law and the most shocking travesty of Constitution of the UAE...Read More

Together, let’s end Judgment Fraud in the UAE!

The Judgment Debtor, the Late Sheikh Zayed, Former UAE President and Ruler of Abu Dhabi Emirate. The title, ‘Judgment Debtor’ ...Read More

'Judgment Creditor Booklet' to Enforce UAE Judgment Debts!

The Enforcement of UAE Judgment is stressful but ultimately very rewarding! Invest in Judgment Equities; leave the ordinary behind! ...'Read More'

'Crowdfunding Strategy To Enforce UAE Judgments!

Mohammed Bin Zayed, Head of the UAE Federation, Is a 'Fugitive From Law', despite a series of UAE Judicial Decisions!...'Read More'

'A Chance To Earn 'FIVE TIMES' the Value Without Losing Your MONEY'!

'Join us and explore our innovative approaches to ensure Human Dignity and Social Justice & a chance to earn 'FIVE TIMES' the value without losing your investments'!
"Crowdfunding Global Campaigns"

"The Police, Which Was Expected to Help the Victims, Unjustifiably Protected the Trespassers Who Were the Law Breakers" - Abu Dhabi Court

'Invest In Abu Dhabi Court Judgments; Thanks to Government of India’s Own Actions, the UAE Ruler Is Still a Fugitive From Law!! - A Unique Campaign by the 'Alliance Judgment Recovery'. ...'Court Judgments'

“The ‘Judgment Creditor’ Unveils World’s First Judgment Equity Funds!”

'There are diabolical debtors who hide Judicial decisions, commit fraud or other heinous acts to avoid honouring their obligations under the judgments. The enforcement process, therefore, becomes time consuming, expensive and stressful. Whatever the reason may be, the UAE Judgment debtor(s) will stand as the fiscally responsible party until the Court Judgment is satisfied. His responsibility to do so will pass on to his successor-in-office; the successor regime is obliged to compensate the victim of State wrongs' ...'Buy Your Portfolio Now!'

‘Unique is the case; disgracefully the perpetrator is the ‘Executive Branch of Abu- Dhabi, UAE’’

The Judgment Creditor, who obtained four consecutive Judgments against the ‘Wilful Defaulters’ is very unique in all respects. 'Unique is the case of ‘Judgment Creditor’; disgracefully the perpetrator is the ‘Executive Branch of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates'. ... "White Paper"

‘The Sales Prospects of UAE Judgments Portfolio’

The execution of Judgments of the UAE Court is a part of ‘Indo-Gulf Reparation’ Movement. Millions of Overseas Indians will be the beneficiaries of a ‘Mutual Reparation Mechanism’ if put into practical effect. “Give a hand to enforce the UAE Judgments and thereby strengthening the Integrity of the Judiciary and people’s confidence in our Judicial Systems”. ...The Sales Prospects of UAE Judgments

Demanding Justice, Truth and Court-ordered reparations

Mindful, in particular, that a judgment debt is hanging over the Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates. The Judgment is binding and enforceable by the court of Abu Dhabi from where the ruling came from. The Judgment debt of Abu Dhabi, can be eliminated or satisfied by the enforcement of judgments and legal remedies... How to buy a Judgment? Promotional Campaigns Worldwide

'Let’s Join; Tell Your Friends To Support Justice In The UAE'

Like Us | Follow Us: "Alliance Judgment Recovery Networks" is the best 'Social Impact Investment Model for Justice''. Don't let fraudsters remain in the shadows - Expose & Protest! 'Tell Your Friends To Support Justice In The UAE'... "Alliance Judgment Recovery Networks"

Invest In Justice - What does it mean?

This is one of our value added, unique business strategy to satisfy legal judgments, to recover his or her rights from the debtors specified in a Judgment. As a lawful owner of a legal Judgment, the victim has the right to offer his Judgment for sale or to make efforts to legally enforce and recover his assets and the inherent rights of individuals to dignity... Link to the FAQ

Reparations - Law Resources

During the many years I worked for justice and the realisation of human rights around the world, I have seen that both the failure to combat impunity and the denial of justice only served to encourage further serious violations. ... "Navi Pillay, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights"...Read More

Responsibility of States

Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts marks a major step in the codification and progressive development of international law. The topic attributing conduct to the State; defining when there has been a breach of international law and the excuses or justifications for breaches; reparation for injustices, the invocation of responsibility, especially standing of States in the public interest, and the rules relating to countermeasures...Read More

Selling Court awarded Judgments

‘Judgment For Sale’ (JFS) is a prospective Internet-based DPO candidate (Direct Public Offerings) who want to raise capital for Social Justice. Join us and explore our unique business strategy to satisfy legal judgments. The investors may convert their contributions into stock (Equity investments) gives them an opportunity to gain from a rise in the share price...Read More


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'A Portfolio of UAE's Landmark
Judgments Now on Sale!'

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States as Guardians of the Rights of Individuals

When a State fail to protect individuals from human rights abuses, they are also in violation of international law and therefore incur State responsibility...

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Responsibility of States

It is important to recall that the conduct of any State organ is considered to be an act of that State. It should also be kept in mind that ‘successor governments’ remain bound by the acts incurred by the ‘predecessor governments’...Attribution of Conduct to a State

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The Authoritarian Regime does not deserve respect

Foreign Office ministers continue to give UAE a cover of respectability the authoritarian regime does not deserve. Human rights are so essential to Britain’s foreign policy objectives that they are part of our DNA.That is what a Foreign Office spokesman said...

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And again, same old promises

The 11th edition of the three-day annual Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, the NRI conclave, concluded here on Wednesday yielding tangibly very little other than providing opportunities for celebrating and networking...

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Mohammed tells legal fraternity to respect human dignity

His Highness Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has urged judges and prosecutors to administer...

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Need for establishing a viable Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanism

The mandate of UN General Assembly adoption of resolution reads as follows:- “States shall, with respect to claims by victims, enforce domestic judgments for reparation against individuals or entities liable for the harm suffered and endeavour to enforce valid foreign legal...

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