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Judgment for sale

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The unique features of the Judgment Equity offered [apart from the special anniversary offers] for sale are too numerous to be enlisted, but a few
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Transferee Rights: The term ‘Holder of a Decree’ is equal to that of the Judgment Creditor;
Litigation Support: International Lawsuits to liquidate the debtor's assets wherever located;
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It is an authoritative document passed by the highest judiciary of Abu Dhabi, UAE.. Instead of enforcing the Judgment, the Executive Branch of Abu Dhabi committed ‘outright fraud’ in violation of the judgment. As a consequence thereof, the ‘historic judgment of the Supreme Court of Abu Dhabi’ remained un-executed till date. By all means, the judgment is equivalent to money, the quantum of which will carry with it periodic appreciation of annual interest and compensation for the delay in execution of the same. The Judgment Debtor was none other than the Executive of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Judgment Debtor is duty-bound to execute the judgment. The rule of law of Abu Dhabi, UAE,, as in the case of any other country, has well-set principles in the matter. A Judgment Debtor’s responsibility to execute a judgment will continue until its execution. His responsibility to do so will pass on to his successor-in-office. Specific rules are in existence on this point. Read the 'CNN iREPORT' here: “Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Abu Dhabi Police-Looting in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates”.

Feedback: "We are shocked at the incredible extent of inhuman cruelty against which the whole world should wake up. Your account should get wider publicity, so that larger number of people would become aware of such denial human rights". ... ‘Full Text’


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The ‘UAE Court Judgments’ are worth buying, in all respects

The UAE officials are committed to honour the content of the obligation to execute the Court Judgments now available for sale to general public. The execution of the Judgment, it is inferred, is only delayed but not denied. View the statements and documents in connection with the European Parliament resolution. A great potential and scope for investments in a Judgment, awarded by the highest Court of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates...More Details

Landmark Judgments in the history of Abu Dhabi (UAE) Jurisprudence – Now on sale!

There are diabolical debtors who hide Judicial decisions, commit fraud or other henious acts to avoid honoring obligations! Buy portfolios of UAE Judgments now on sale!...More Details

Learn about corrupt practices in UAE

The head of a business empire based in Abu Dhabi was attacked by a posse of policemen in civil dress at his office; robbed of cash and valuables to force him to withdraw a lawsuit against a property owner...More Details


JFS, (Judgment For Sale) is a unique business strategy to satisfy legal judgments, to recover his or her rights from the debtors specified in a Judgment. As a lawful owner of a legal Judgement, the victim has the right to offer his Judgment for sale or to make efforts to legally enforce and recover his assets and the inherent rights of individuals to dignity... 'About JFS'


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UAE Judgments are worth buying, in all respects:- The UAE officials are committed to honour the content of the obligation to execute the Court Judgments now available for sale to general public...Read


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