‘Judgment Creditor’s Booklet to Enforce the UAE Judgment Debts’
Monday 21 December, 2015  New Delhi  [Reparation Law News] Download ‘Authentic Copy (PDF: 925 kb)

'Judgment Creditor's Booklet to Enforce the UAE Judgment Debts'

“The enforcement of UAE Judgment is stressful but ultimately very rewarding”!

The ‘Judgment Creditor’   Unveils Country’s First Judgment Equity Funds: A Portfolio of UAE Judgments worth multi-billion US$ Dollars now on sale in equities. The Judgment Debtor is the State of UAE whose Ruler at the time was none other than the late ‘Sheikh Zayed himself, the Emir of Abu Dhabi and absolute Ruler of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)’, and the assurance of gains is based on this very threshold!

The ‘Decree Holder’, who was put to suffer physical, emotional and financial harm as a direct result of heinous crimes committed by the ‘Executive Branch of Abu Dhabi’, UAE, despite repeated ‘Decrees’ of the Highest Courts, now selling the Portfolios of UAE Debts. You can be the ‘Holder of Decree’ or  a Creditor representing the ‘Decree holder’ (Judgment Creditor), at your place.  “Avail this unique opportunity to secure your profit which jumps 5 to 10-folds and, simultaneously, become a ‘volunteer’ for the principles of Equity and Social Justice”.

The UAE Judgment Equities (UAE Debts) has been guaranteed five times more value
on your investments even if the ‘Debtors’ settle it within the first week of your joining! ‘…Brochure’

The enforcement of UAE Judgment is stressful but ultimately very rewarding!

[“A creditor is worse than a slave-owner,” Victor Hugo once wrote. “For the master only owns your person, but a creditor owns your dignity, and can command it."]
There are diabolical debtors who hide Judicial decisions, commit fraud or other heinous acts to avoid honouring their obligations under the judgments. The enforcement process, therefore, becomes time consuming, expensive and stressful. Whatever the reason may be, the UAE Judgment debtor(s) will stand as the fiscally responsible party until the Court Judgment is satisfied. His responsibility to do so will pass on to his successor-in-office; the successor regime is obliged to compensate the victim of state wrongs.

In the instant case, the ‘Defaulter-Judgment debtor(s)’  can be legally proceeded against. Besides, the Judgment Creditor is entitled to ‘Mortgage’ his Judgment; the Debtor’s assets could be seized and sold to satisfy the debts. The Judgment Creditor is also legally eligible to transfer his Judgment, part or whole.

Feedback: “We are shocked at the incredible extent of inhuman cruelty against which the whole world should wake up. Your account should get wider publicity, so that larger number of people would become aware of such denial human rights”. … ‘Full Text’


A true story of ‘outright fraud’ perpetrated by a wealthiest ruling regime of the world, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Getting a Judgment in a civil lawsuit means the ‘Decree holder’ is then entitled to recover the money and damages from the debtor. But in this unique and historic case that arose in Abu Dhabi, the ‘Emirati debtor’ , who took it as a revenge, trespassed into the office of the ‘Decree holder’ along with his accomplice, a ‘Policeman’ in plain clothes, who held a heavy iron rod of one meter length in one hand and on the other hand a chained handcuff; with which the Decree holder was beaten up in cold blood and a well-planned looting and extortion was forced up on.

The policeman forcibly broke open the office locker with the iron rod in his hand and looted US$.4m worth money and valuables. The Decree holder locked the door and called the police for protection. The police did come, but instead of protecting him from the trespassers, they joined hands with them and the Decree holder was attacked further, shackled, brutally tortured and was literally dragged out of his office and taken to secret ‘detention centre’ . The Decree Holder who was the ‘complainant’ in the civil lawsuit in a ‘Real Estate Deal’ of a nine storeyed building against the said ‘Emirati debtor’, involving above USD 3,00,000.00 Per Annum (INR 2 Crores), way back in the year 1995, had been blackmailed, treated as a ‘criminal’ and was beaten near-death.

The ‘Decree holder’ became unconscious and soon thereafter he was taken to hospital-emergency, Abu Dhabi. He was subjected to the greatest ordeals by being taken from hospital to an ‘underground lock-up’ and kept  incommunicado in solitary confinement. The victim was later taken to central prison at Al Wathba, Abu Dhabi. It took a long period of six months for the person to have his first appearance in the Court. The victim was implicated for ‘using force against Government employee and assault’.

The criminal court found that the case was fully false and fabricated, therefore, the Court ordered the Prosecution to investigate the crime committed by the policemen and the local. Instead of investigating the crime, the Prosecution went to appeal. When the Apex Court of Abu Dhabi, comprising a three-judge panel, ordered the immediate release of the victim from prison, all of them dropped the charges they had deliberately made against the victim, the ‘Decree holder’.

The Court ordered the state authority to prosecute both the policemen and the local Emirati and to restore the victim’s dignity and to compensate him for all his losses. “The Court, the three-judge supreme bench, praised the appropriate conduct and courage of the victim in their ‘Landmark Judgment’ and concluded that the victim is innocent; rather ‘a martyr.

Even though the Juries in different Courts of Abu Dhabi, had taken a series of decisions in this case, in absolute terms in favour of the victim, strangely enough, none of those Court Orders were executed by the UAE authority. Instead of rightly accepting the blame for the gross misconduct of their Policemen and also the Prosecution, the ‘State authority issued an ‘extremely fraudulent order’ to expel the ‘Decree holder’ from their country, as if he had been punished for a crime. The ‘Decree holder’, the then holder of ‘four consecutive Judgments’ in absolute terms in his favour, therefore, was deported from the UAE, that too at highest risk of being multiplied victimization.

‘Such a punishable fraud of misrepresenting the facts perpetrated by the UAE authority, for deporting the ‘Judgment Creditor’, who was an Indian investor with ‘three valid trade licenses’ of well established and profitable ‘General Contracting and Trading Firms’ under his full ownership in Abu Dhabi’ (The assets of which were valued a minimum One Hundred Million US$ Dollars at the time of his mishap in Abu Dhabi), resulting in total destruction of his life, his businesses and his profession, adds inescapable burden on the ‘Wilful Defaulters’  of Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Back in India, consequent on the gravest cruelties and injustices meted out to him in Abu Dhabi, UAE, it was the primary duty of the ‘Government of India’ to protect the ‘Judgment Creditor’, his dignity and justice; and to help the victims of many other forms in a similar situation in that country. Unfortunately, this historic case of a Non-resident Indian-investor had been buried in the darkness for two decades by the Indian authorities, despite repeated representations and two specific Judgments from Delhi High Court in 1997 & 2007 respectively which were filed by the ‘Judgment Creditor’ as directed by the Supreme Court of India.

It was the statutory obligation of Government of India to take all necessary measures as instructed by the High Court of Delhi as early in the year of 1997 in order to enforce the valid Legal Judgments, passed by the Supreme Court of Abu Dhabi, UAE. “The subject who has suffered the injury is not the individual person but the State itself”; as explained by ‘Professor Theo van Boven’ (1934-1983).

The sending state, Government of India, is solely responsible for the act or omission that violates the ‘Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (VCCR) 1963’ particularly Article 5, enforced from 19-3-1967.

“The foreign State, UAE, was bound to provide appropriate reliefs to the ‘Judgment Creditor’, whose ‘Constitutional Rights’ have been blatantly violated in the first place by Abu Dhabi police to extort money and valuables.

The UAE authorities were further bound to provide proper remedies for the repeated victimizations which the ‘Judgment Creditor’ was forced to suffer as a consequence of the unique and the most barbaric, ‘fraudulent misrepresentation’ perpetrated by the executive branch to ‘deport’ him from that country. It has resulted in the colossal losses of billions of US$ Dollars to the Judgment Creditor’s various business institutions in the UAE, apart from the consequences of his physical and psychological trauma, the emotional pain and ‘sufferings’ which forced him to live a lost life for all the years that followed”.

Get the full story behind ‘Abu Dhabi Police Looting’ at CNN: “Marking the 20th Anniversary of the ‘Abu Dhabi Police-Looting’ in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates”

‘Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms’

The accumulated ‘case histories of injustices’ received by the ‘Overseas Indians’ Legal Cell (Est.1996)’ from different quarters of Arab Gulf, forced the ‘Judgment Creditor’ to endeavour towards formulation and implementation of the ‘Mutual Human Rights Law and Reparation Mechanisms’ between the Government of India and the Gulf (Gulf Cooperation Council – GCC) countries, mandating our elected representatives and officials to effectively intervene in eliminating discrimination and imbalances of ‘Indian Diaspora’ working in different countries.

The enforcement of Judgments and legal remedies is a fundamental element of the rule of law which is an integral part of ‘Indo-Gulf Reparation’ Movement; this also involves the recognition and protection of the dignity of individuals. The mandate of the UN General Assembly resolution ‘A/RES/60/147’ reads the ‘States should ensure that their domestic law is consistent with their international legal obligations’.

The regional inter-Governmental Human Rights Mechanisms of ‘American States’ signed with its neighbouring countries in 1948, the ‘Council of Europe’ adopted it in 1950, and the similar ‘Charter in Africa’ adopted in 1987, are prominent illustrations of the expanding vistas of Human Rights. This constitutional approach basically protects them from all forms of exploitation and social injustices from foreign States even outside the Charter.

It’s a ‘shameful fact’ that similar arrangements haven’t even been conceived yet by the Government of India. As a result, the Indian expatriates are exposed to the extreme degree of Human Rights Violations in the Arab Gulf. Once the ‘Charter’  is implemented, millions of ‘Indian Diaspora’ and their families will be the primary beneficiaries of ‘Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms’ .

The preface of ‘Indo-Gulf Reparations’ Booklet’ was written by the late ‘Hon’ble Mr. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer’ (a renowned Jurist and former Judge of the Supreme Court of India), and the covering letter was written by ‘Mr. K. Sukumaran’ , a former Judge of the High Courts of Kerala and Bombay, who pleaded for the ‘Judgment Creditor’ before the Supreme Court and the High Court of Delhi. Link: ‘Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms’ .


“The Doctrine of State Immunity”

In a landmark case, the ‘secret’ wife of the late King of Saudi Arabia has won the right to sue his son and Saudi prince for breaching a contract. The king’s son, argued he had “state immunity” and the court had no jurisdiction to try Mrs Harb’s claim. But Mrs Justice Rose, the High Court of England and Wales, threw out the prince’s argument, confirming that personal immunity ceases when a head of State is no longer in office for any reason. Link: ‘U.K. High Court Judgment’

“Decree Holders Entitled to Enjoy Fruits of the Decree Expeditiously” -
Says Supreme Court of India !

A three-judge bench of the Supreme Court of India has observed that Decree Holders must enjoy the fruits of the decree obtained by them in an expeditious manner. The Bench, speaking through Justice Dave, has noted the unscrupulous tactics used by Judgment Debtors to evade the process of law and eventually frustrate the entire efforts of a Decree Holder in getting the decree executed. Link: ‘Supreme Court Judgment’

“How does fraud affect a victim? ‘The impact of fraud on victims’ -
Supreme Court of India

The term “Fraud” has been clearly analyzed and adjudged by the highest Judiciary of India. The Supreme Court reiterated that ‘fraud vitiates all’ and also the age old saying ‘Fraud avoids all judicial acts ecclesiastical or temporal’. Fraud is an act of deliberate deception with a design to secure something, which is otherwise not due. The expression “fraud” involves two elements, deceit and injury to the person deceived. It is a cheating intended to get an advantage. Link: ‘Supreme Court Judgment’


“Support the “Judgment Creditor” to strengthen the Integrity of the Judiciary and people’s confidence in our Justice System”

Funds are proposed to be raised by distribution of shares. One can invest a sum as small as USD$ 350.00 or equivalent currency in the ‘Portfolios of UAE Judgments’ now on sale. The UAE Judgments, against the ‘Abu Dhabi Executive Branch’, have been guaranteed ‘FIVE’ times more value of their investment. This is a special, limited time opportunity to all, including the UAE lobbyists, who believe in the present ‘Status and Future of the UAE’.

The unique features of the Judgment Equity offered for sale are too numerous to be enlisted, but a few among them which are really outstanding and the
most significant ones are:

[Special ‘Anniversary Offers’ for a Limited Time: The UAE Judgment Equities (UAE Debts) has been guaranteed five times more value on your investments even
if the ‘debtors’ settle it within the first week of your joining!]

Free Equities Offered:Pay just 35% of its precise value and enjoy profit for 100%;
Guaranteed Interest: 4.5% Per year, for both the principal and the accrued interest;
Guaranteed Discount: Investor will be paid up to 25% discount for every additional sale;
Transferee Rights: The term ‘Holder of a Decree’ is equal to that of the Judgment Creditor;
Conversion Rights: Investors may convert their equity fund into stock through the idpo.org.
View the list of features here: Sales Brochure

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End Note: The observation of ‘Hillary Clinton’ on strength and money as essentials linked with Human Rights could be usefully extracted. They read: “Strength, Money, and Knowledge – we cannot do anything without them” – ‘Judgment Creditor’.

[An innovative project by the ‘Overseas Indians’ Legal Cell’  promoted by the “Alliance Judgment Recovery Networks”, aimed at giving effect to the ‘Legal Judgments’ that remains unexecuted or unsatisfied].

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  1. David says:

    The story of inflicted injury and irreparable is quite startling; and dangerous to any investor to UAE, the Arab Gulf. Whatever be the high status of the ‘culprit’, the survivor victim who has has lost a huge amount way back in 1995 and continues to suffer the aftermath of non execution of his court judgments has to be rendered justice and paid all his dues. If not, there is no meaning for both the states involved boasting every day in the media of the ‘high values of their culture, law and judiciary’. Every person in authority, who holds the power to move things the appropriate way and who has a heart that will ache for the miseries of the victim herein should come forward to do his or her might to support the judgment creditor in every manner they could, till he gets the justice, already sanctioned to him by the judiciaries of Abu Dhabi and India alike.
    David, Washington

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