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Invest In 'Justice' Min.500% Returns!


Offer is valid till 30 September, 2017

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Instead of enforcement of 4 consecutive judgments the ‘head of the Abu Dhabi, UAE (de facto ruler)’ has repeatedly obstructed the administration of justice, kicked off and violated the basic principles of a civilized Government of honouring verdict of the judiciary, Executive abiding by such verdict.
Full Text:
‘A Fugitive From Law’

'Court Judgments are not worthless piece of papers. As a lawful owner of a legal Judgment, the winner has the right to offer his Judgment for sale or to make efforts to legally enforce and recover
his assets and the inherent rights of individuals to dignity. ...Publications

'Alone I can say, but together we can shout; Alone I can smile, but together we can laugh;
Alone I can enjoy, but together we can celebrate! -'Join us and explore our innovative
approaches to ensure Human Dignity and Social Justice!'
... Alliance

The UAE Judgment Equities (UAE Debts) has been guaranteed "FIVE TIMES [500%]" more value on your investments even if the 'Debtor' settle it within the first week of your joining. ...Equities

"Have you ever heard of a case like this"?

Getting a Judgment in a civil lawsuit means the ‘Decree holder’ is then entitled to recover the money and damages from the debtor. But in this unique and historic case that stemmed out in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the ‘Emirati debtor’, who took it as a revenge, trespassed into the office of the ‘Decree holder’ along with his accomplice, a ‘Policeman’ in plain clothes, who held a heavy iron rod of one meter length in one hand and on the other hand a chained handcuff; with which the Decree holder was beaten in cold blood ...

The policeman forcibly broke open the office locker with the iron rod in his hand and looted US$.4m worth money and valuables. The Decree holder locked the door and called the police for protection. The police did come, but instead of protecting him from the trespassers, they joined hands with them and the Decree holder was attacked further, shackled, brutally tortured and was literally dragged out of his office and taken to secret ‘detention centre’. The Decree Holder who was the ‘complainant’ in the civil lawsuit, in a 'Real Estate Deal' of a multi-storeyed apartment tower, against the said ‘Emirati debtor’, involving around USD 3,00,000.00 Per Annum (INR 2 Crores), way back in the year 1995, had been blackmailed, treated as a ‘criminal’ and was beaten near-death. ...

On the pronouncement of the investigation order into the police-extortion and looting of an Indian investor, who had a well established group of businesses in Abu Dhabi, UAE, the Emir of Abu Dhabi was duty-bound to act according to the order of Court. But the Emir, the de facto ruler of UAE federation, Mohamed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, has repeatedly obstructed the administration of justice to cover up his link with the heinous acts of the notorious state police.


Can you reasonably guess as to who was the single worst crime perpetrated against the 'Deceree holder!! The Emirati? Policemen? The Ruler of UAE? or The Government of India has itself to blame? You may visit (please do) the link here: ‘Multi-billion Dollar UAE Judgment For Sale’

Comments: "We are shocked at the incredible extent of inhuman cruelty against which the whole world should wake up. Your account should get wider publicity, so that larger number of people would become aware of such denial human rights". ... ‘Full Text’

A Portfolio of UAE's Landmark Judgments was involved in the determination of Rights and the assignment of Rewards.
Surprisingly, the Judgment Debtor is none other than the Ruler of Abu Dhabi and the President of the UAE and the assurance of gains is based on this very threshold! The 'Judgment Debtor' will stand as the fiscally responsible party until the Court Judgment is satisfied. His responsibility to do so will pass on to his successor-in-office; the successor regime is obliged to compensate the victim of state wrongs.

“Support the "Judgment Creditor" to strengthen the Integrity of the Judiciary and people’s confidence in our Justice System”.

Funds are proposed to be raised by distribution of shares. One can invest a sum as small as USD$ 350.00 or equivalent in the 'Portfolio of UAE Judgments' now on sale. The UAE Judgments, against the 'Abu Dhabi Executive Branch', have been guaranteed five to ten times [Combined with special offers] more value of their investment and many other key benefits.

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Terms & Conditions
Investment plans:-

Outright sale of the Judgment is not envisioned. Funds are proposed to be raised by distribution of shares.

Eligibility for investments:-

‘JudgmentForSale’ (JFS) is a prospective Internet-based DPO candidate (Direct Public Offerings) who want to raise capital for Social Justice. We accept payment as voluntary contributions (Refundable with special benefits) and from persons who can make sincere efforts to stop injustice wherever it exists.

The investment threshold:-

You can open an account with a sum as small as USD$ 35.00 for 10 shares (The currency equivalent and for foreigners 100 shares minimum).

Economic benefits:-

Special Crowdfunding Offers - 2017!
The UAE Judgment Equity (UAE Debts) has been guaranteed 'FIVE TIMES' the original value
on your investments even if the 'Debtor, the executive branch of the UAE government',
settle it within the first week of your joining!

We've Increased the Investor Profits - 2017

Investors who have subscribed to the Judgment Share for 5 years and above will get 'SEVEN TIMES' the original value; and who have completed the subscription to the Judgment Share for 7 years and above will get ' TEN TIMES' the original value.
[Above offers supersedes the regular deals below or one can choose whichever is the highest]

Regular Offers:-

Free Equities: Pay just 35% of its precise value and enjoy profit for 100%;
Guaranteed Interest: 22% Per year, for both the principal and the accrued interest;
Guaranteed Discount: Investors will be paid up to 25% discount for every additional -
sale [i.e. Investment: USD$ 350 = USD$ 1000.00; USD$ 2,625 = USD$ 10,000.00];
Transferee Rights: The term ‘Share Holder’ is equal to that of the 'Judgment Creditor' ;
Conversion Rights: The investors may convert their equity fund into stock through '';
Free Web Hosting: Free Web Hosting Package is offered to showcase the business etc.,


Certificates of Deposits (CDs - in US Dollars) will be issued upon realization of investment. All Certificates of Deposits are guaranteed by ‘MintValley Group’, the Prime Sponsors of;;;;;;; & AllianceJudgmentRecoveryNetworks

Release of payments or cancelling a subscription:-

Distribution of Judgment amount will take place once the Judgment is satisfied. Once the enforcement is set in motion and the Judgment is satisfied, our contributor’s benefits will be well taken care of in all aspects.
How do I cancel or withdraw my funds?

You can cancel or withdraw your deposit at anytime after completion of a year. The funds will be transferred in 7 business days at your designated bank as per instruction. The dividends for the period will be delivered after the realization of judgment. The investors may also convert their equities into stock / sell his or her investment to another prospective buyer with good margin, through the ''. [Read more at Shareholders' page]

Validity of the offer:-

This “Offer” comes into existence from 01st Mar, 2017 until further notice. 'Buy your portfolio now'.

Validation Number:-

Case No 2557 UAE / LawyersIndia.Com - Visit the documentation link here

Acceptance of contributions:-

We reserve the right not to accept or process your contribution orders for any reason.

Mode of payments:-

Payments can be made through commercial bank accounts or Paypal. Accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

Privacy policy:-

We will not disclose or trade personal information to third parties. Information submitted will be stored in a secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

Establishing the Judgment Value:-

The UAE Judgment is worth over $USD 1,200 million as of lien [legal claim] dated 01st June, 2005. The 'Fair market value of the Judgment' has been steadily increasing from year to year. However, the assessment practices does not affect the value of shares were sold. The Judgment Creditor is pleased to deliver additional benefits to all its members.

Become a voluntary contributor:-

Relief is the immediate help to change the underlying causes of abuse. Persistent failure to enforce court decisions leave victims demoralized and reinforce an existing culture of impunity. Help us reach our goals by making a contribution to enforce the Judgments. It will incidentally help establishing a principle that ‘No Executive of any country can override the final decision of the Judiciary’. [Download the White Paper]

Join us:-

This campaign is brought to you by 'Alliance Judgment Recovery', under the guidance of ‘Overseas Indians' Legal Cell’. [The ‘Judgment Creditor Booklet' to Enforce the UAE Judgment Debts’ has been released and please download a copy of it].

Download the 'Judgment Creditor Booklet' for complete details[PDF-925 KB]

* Brand Advocates

For more on our brand advocates, visit: 'Promoting Human Rights Values in the Digital Age'

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Active involvement in the process of getting justice and its implications
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Invest in Justice. The landscape of Justice in the UAE is changing!

The UAE is set to be responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and for addressing situations of human rights violations and make recommendations on them. The UN General Assembly should only elect member states to serve on the Human Rights Council that can demonstrate their commitment to human rights, Amnesty International said ahead of Monday’s vote for 18 new Council members...Read More

UAE has been elected as a Member of the U.N. Human Rights Council

UAE has been elected as a Member of the U.N. Human Rights Council for 3 years from January 2013. On this occasion, Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash, minister of state for foreign affairs said that this achievement highlighted the values and culture of the UAE which are based on tolerance, openness, justice, equality and human dignity. (More Details)

UAE Judgments are worth buying, in all respects!

The UAE officials are committed to honour the content of the obligation to execute the Court Judgments now available for sale to general public...Read More

What are the major factors that will influence the UAE Judgment portfolio is worth?

Answers to Common Questions About the 'UAE Judgments for sale'...More Details

Landmark Judgments in the history of Abu Dhabi (UAE) Jurisprudence For Sale'!

The presentation of the past track records of the UAE on Human Rights and its further commitments to the UN as a prelude to its obtaining membership in the UN Human Rights Council further strengthens the scope for a speedier satisfaction of the victim's judgment...Read More Portfolios of UAE Judgments For Sale!

UAE's Constitutional assurances:-

The Constitution of the UAE clearly indicate the commitment on the part of the officials of UAE to ensure freedom to individuals. The Union Ministers are also committed to ensure and supervise the implementation of the decisions of the judiciary (Article 60, Clause No.7 of the Constitution of UAE). See the link above...More Details

Safeguard the Rule of Law by ensuring Justice, Freedom and Peace in society.


Is the External Affairs Ministry of India above the Law?

The External Affairs Ministry, Government of India, was directed by High Court of Delhi to dispose of the representation submitted by petitioner within two months of the date of the Judgment. The directives contained in the judgment of Delhi High Court was dated 20-11-1997. In total negation of such a specific order of the Delhi High Court, the External Affairs Ministry, despite the lapse of 16 years of date of the judgment, demonstrates a blatant disrespect to the law of the country. The legal instruments that a society or government develops in order to deal effectively with crime and meaningful relief to victims of their circumstances. When these legal principles are ignored it would only erode the public faith and confidence in the judicial system...‘Read Publications’


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Landmark Judgments in the history of Abu Dhabi (UAE) Jurisprudence – Now on sale!

There are diabolical debtors who hide Judicial decisions, commit fraud or other henious acts to avoid honoring obligations! Buy portfolios of UAE Judgments now on sale!...More Details

Learn about corrupt practices in UAE

The head of a business empire based in Abu Dhabi was attacked by a posse of policemen in civil dress at his office; robbed of cash and valuables to force him to withdraw a lawsuit against a property owner...More Details


JFS, (Judgment For Sale) is a unique business strategy to satisfy legal judgments, to recover his or her rights from the debtors specified in a Judgment. As a lawful owner of a legal Judgement, the victim has the right to offer his Judgment for sale or to make efforts to legally enforce and recover his assets and the inherent rights of individuals to dignity... 'About JFS'