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The protective measures and humanitarian treatments published by the UAE under its Constitution carry great meaning.  However, none of these protective clauses came to the rescue of the Indian contractor (a Judgment creditorlink) who had an all-time flourishing business empire in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

A case was fabricated against the contractor, by police officials of Abu Dhabi at the instance of extorting money, and to compel the contractor to withdraw a civil case filed against a landlord, when the case was turned in favour of the contractor. As a result, this Indian contractor was tarnished to be a ‘criminal’ charging that ‘he applied force against a policeman while on duty’

The entire business entities and even the life of the contractor stood at stake at the hands of these corrupt officials. The Court of First Instance of Abu Dhabi and the Apex Court found the victim to be innocent of all the charges leveled against him. By then, the injuries and damages had already been done to the victim.

The Judgment passed by the legal Courts of Abu Dhabi, UAE, ordering the UAE authorities to prosecute the policeman and others for all their inhuman acts and to compensate the Indian businessman in every respect still stands like a piece of paper containing some meaningless but sweet words, which any reader will admire first.

Viewed from this angle, the beautiful words of the UAE Constitution (link) and the concern of the UAE officials to ensure peace and harmony in their country and the whole world (link) appear to be only a mockery at the international human community.

It is time for the autocratic regime of the UAE to prove for themselves to be people really intending to ensure peace and harmony in the world, by meaningful and creative changes in the premature style of ruling their country and influencing the other countries in the world with their pride-oriented power, derived from the ‘oil’ they have at present. They will rather remember the law of universe (link) and or ‘the stock of any precious commodity’, including the oil, which will also get depleted soon or shortly!!!

Legal Instruments:-

UN Conventions and other instruments on reparations. UN Convention Statute/s on the International validity of Criminal Justice and the Rights to victim that emphasize the importance of getting and enforcing the Judgment…More

“Probe an anthill” examine the ‘Case Law‘ of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE)
The Constitution of the UAE – ( View Documents )
Judicial System in Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates (UAE) – ( View Documents )
Procedures for Criminal Cases ‘Federal Law of United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) – ( View Documents )
Responsibilities of the UAE President – ( View Documents )
More Documents

Letters to Ministry of External Affairs, India
Letter to Ministry of External Affairs, presents the victim’s plight, seeking their official assistance towards execution of the Judgment…(Full Text)

Documentation Portals
View DocumentsClick here

Campaign Portal:-
UAE Human RightsClick here


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